In the challenging industry-vertical and horizontal transportation industry, XIWEI Elevator regards technology innovation as their motivation and provides advanced and comfortable elevator, escalator and reliable security assurance for the society. It focuses on the sale extension and perfect special services.

XIWEI Elevator has 24 hours timely online service for customer consultation. It can let the customers enjoy the considerate service from XIWEI. In order to guarantee the high security and high efficiency of the elevator, the company establishes the complete and feasible user training plan and regulates the content of the technology service, special service project and broad XIWEI Elevator management standard. The company strictly complements “ISO 9001” quality management system for providing safe, reliable and timely assembly, maintaining and repairing service for customers.


Professional and timely service team

We have the professional maintaining team, which can provide high quality assembly, maintaining and repairing for every customer.

Scientific System Maintenance

Strict follow the elevator maintaining brochure and providing scientific maintaining service plan and system for customers.

24-hour full response

First time response, 24-hour online accessibility hotline fast response to your inquiries, to provide timely and efficient service.

Adequate sound parts center

The accessories cover the whole nation with abundant supply, which can provide support for all the maintaining stations in the nation.