Take the elevator to talk about civilization

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Society’s development, the high-rise buildings gradually increased, the elevator has become an essential tool. In particular, the hospital these special places, the elevator is an irreplaceable role. But some people take the elevator of some of the bad habits disgusting: some do not let the elderly disability awareness, this point and bus some civilized habits Xiangyingchengqu; some knows there are people behind. After I entered ladder without consulting anyone off, let behind at ladder helplessly. There are some young people, like got lazy disease, Ning ten minutes, don’t walk every step of the way. Hospital elevator and office buildings, residential building elevator vary, it is mainly for legs and convenient service for special cases of the patients. Life is movement, in order to check and treatment time of emergency patients, young people go a few steps is to care for them.
Urban civilization is reflected in all aspects, the elevator civilization to a certain extent can reflect the degree of civilization of a place. Respect for old, indecisive, not loud or loudly answer the phone, in the lower floors try to walk upstairs, is civilization ladder by the behavior. Good civilization requires a common care, each person in a small step, a city of civilization will take a big step.